November 16, 2010

IAC: Individual Artist Program: February 14, 2011

Follow up to previous post: IAC Individual Artist Program 2102 to be announced soon

The fiscal year 2012 Individual Artist Program (IAP) program is now accepting applications in dance, literature, music, theatre and folk arts related to the traditional disciplines listed here. Artists working in visual arts, crafts, design arts, media arts, and photography will have the opportunity to apply again next year.

IAP applicants must be at least 18 years old; reside in Indiana for one year preceding the application date; and remain an Indiana resident during the grant period. The IAC cannot provide funding if the artist is enrolled in a degree-granting program; has received an IAC grant in the prior fiscal year; or is a part of a collaboration for which another artist is applying for IAC support in the same year.

IAP applicants may apply for up to $2,000 for projects that may include, but are not limited to: supplies; rental/purchase of equipment; time for the development, completion or presentation of a work; documentation of a work; travel essential for artistic research or to present or complete work; or advanced workshops that further career development.

Guidelines can be found here: IAC Individual Artist Program

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