November 12, 2010

Grant Writing Tips for Grad Students

The Chronicle of Higher Education posted this excellent article: Grant-Writing Tips for Graduate Students. It is not just relevant for graduate students, but all grantseekers. Highlights include:

Really talk to your advisers and peers. They might be busy, but they want you to get funded. They write their own grants and have most likely overseen other students' proposals. Think about organizing weekly or monthly meetings with a group of peers to review each other's work. In addition, some universities or laboratories keep successful student-grant proposals on file that you can use for reference as you write your own.

Start the application months early. Sure, you can pull together a quiz at the last minute for that laboratory course you are teaching, but don't put off working on your grant proposal.

Don't take rejection too seriously. Every successful scientist has had grant proposals turned away. It's part of the process.

Please click here for the full article.

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