July 20, 2012

Discovery Awards - Call for Proposals - Deadline: September 17

Discovery is a women’s collaborative philanthropic group established to support projects and programs at Ball State University. Discovery members are volunteers who pool annual contributions and work with university administrators to select the projects they support.

Discovery invites the submission of project proposals for funding in 2013. The due date for project nominations is September 17, 2012. Proposals must be turned into the Sponsored Programs Office by September 17. It is highly recommended to contact SPO well in advance of the submission deadline.

Discovery members are interested in projects that significantly impact Ball State students, offer immersive learning opportunities, and have potential for other external funding in the future. We ask that you submit proposals that match your priorities as well as the selection criteria identified by Discovery. Discovery funds projects that further the mission of the university as expressed in the 2007- 2012 Strategic Plan.

Please click here for full guidelines

From the proposals received, the committee will invite six project directors to make oral presentations in November 2012. Decisions will be announced in February.

July 03, 2012

Extramural Nexus: What you're missing!

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Extramural Research (OER) has a monthly newsletter called "Extramural Nexus".  This newsletter provides many helpful articles and tips to prepare your NIH proposal!

A quick FAQ of sorts is the "You Ask, We Answer" portion. Here is a sample of the questions:
  • Is There a Time Limit for Resubmission?
  • How Do I Fill Out the Budget Form for an AREA App?
  • For a Resubmission, May I Request a Different Study Section or IC?

OER also provides an extensive archive of podcasts specifically designed for investigators by those that know the information best! Topics include:
  • Prepare a Successful Grant Application?
  • Be an NIH Investigator?
  • Understand How Your Grant is Reviewed?

New resources are posted on a regular basis on a variety of new regulations and policies. Examples include:

Dr. Sally Rockey is NIH's Deputy Director for Extramural Research. Her blog "Rock Talk" is updated frequently with new information straight from the NIH.
  • Postdoctoral Researchers—Facts, Trends, and Gaps
  • What We’ve Learned About Graduate Students
Rock: http://nexus.od.nih.gov/all/rock-talk/