July 19, 2011

NSF Reports on Research Funding

From Grants Resource Center GrantWeek:

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has released reports on the flow of federal research funding into colleges and universities in 2009 and the status of graduate students and postdoctoral scientists in research fields in 2008.

The Academic Research and Development (R&D) Expenditure Survey findings demonstrate an increase in the overall number of U.S. academic institutions that grant degrees in science and engineering fields and spent at least $150,000 in separately budgeted science and engineering R&D funding, from 690 in FY 08 to 711 in FY 09.

The amount of federal and non-federal funds supporting R&D flowing into and out of these institutions has steadily increased since FY 04. With the exception of mathematical sciences, funding devoted specifically to major science and engineering fields has continued to rise since FY 08. The report provides a detailed breakdown of funding by agency and expenditures by university, field of study, student demographic, geographic division, and state.