April 14, 2016

New Aspire Awardees -- Spring 2016 Update

Ball State University's Aspire Internal Grant Program provides funding to faculty, professional personnel, and students to support projects in the areas of research, scholarly studies, and creative endeavors.   Aspire awards advance the goal of ultimately seeking sponsorship from external funding agencies. 

Funds awarded through the Aspire competitions are open to faculty and professional personnel and students.

Upcoming deadlines can be viewed in the Aspire 2015-2016 Competition Deadline Calendar (PDF).

Amelia Kaplan- Music- "Recording of a string quartet and composition of a duet for bassoon and double bass"
Jill Christman- English- "The Hill: High on the Mountain Witha Ragtag Tribe of Vets, Outlaws & HIPPIES (a book-length work of literary nonfiction”
Susan McDowell and Robert Sammelson- Biology and Chemistry- “Developing Alternatives to Antibiotics"
Karen Kessler- Theatre and Dance- “The Ballad of Piney Creek; A new Musical”
Sarojini Johnson- Art- “Seasons, Four Intaglio Prints”
Cathy Seibert, Lynne Stallings, and Mary Seig- Educational Studies and English- “Advancing ELL Student Success through Sustained and Symbiotic Professional Development for Inservice and Preservice Educators”

Cody Bennett- Biology- “The Mechanisms of Neuronal Death under Hypoglycemic Conditions"
Sam Colbert- Counseling Psychology and Guidance Services- “"The Effect of Sexual Identity Disclosure and Levels of Physical Affection on Prosocial Behavior toward Gay Men."
Kodi Kalpana- Biology- "Pharmaceutical and personal care product effects on algal function and community structure”
Brittany Maule- Biology- “Study of Vocational Interests”
Unai Miguel Andres- Biology- "Biophilic Characteristics of Asian Metropolitan Areas (a case study of Seoul, South Korea)"
Dan Royer- Educational Studies- “The Intersection of Community College Culture, Appreciative Inquiry, and Leadership: An Ethnographic Case Study”
Clayton Delancey- Biology- "Habitat Use by fledgling Cerulean Warblers (Setophaga cerulea) in Southern Indiana"
Kaushalya Herath – Urban Planning- "Nelibewa in Transition: The Spatial Impact of the transforming gender roles in rural Sri Lanka"

Undergraduate Research
Bryce Buchanan- Biology- “The Effect of Cellular Stress on Quality Control Protein Degradation Pathways."
Maren Orchard- Physiology and Health Sciences-"Preventing and Responding to Adolescent Dating Violence: School Health Teachers' Perceptions and Practices"
Lori Stanfield- Modern Languages and Classics- “Teaching Culture in Spanish Classes; A Methodological and Reflective Exploration”
Todd Myers- Medical Education- “Role of Glycogen in Preventing Deleterious Motor Memory Effects Caused by Insulin Induced Hypoglycemia"

Daniel Maggallanes- Art- “Oliver”

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