April 13, 2016

2016 Student Symposium Keys/Litten/Smith Award Winners

This 2016 Student Symposium at Ball State University took place this past Friday on the second floor of the LA Pittenger Student Center. The event included a poster session and moderated paper presentations throughout the afternoon. The day ended with a keynote address from Sue McDowell, professor of Biology and current Ball State Researcher of the Year, and the presentation of the Keys/Litten/Smith Awards.

2016 Student Symposium Keys/Litten/Smith Award Winners

Display Winner

Jelena Petricevic (Biology) and Maren Orchard (History)
Title: Work- Family Conflict in American Women: Association with Health Risk Behaviors and Health Outcomes
Mentor: Jagdish Khubchandani (Physiology & Health Science)

Content Winners

Cody Bennett (Biology)
Title: Glycogen Metabolism in Mice Generated by the Cre-Lox System
Mentor: Bartholomew Pederson (Medical Education)

Josh Bock (Kinesiology)
Title: Establishing the Reliability of Several Consumer-Based Physical Activity Monitors
Mentor: Alex Montoye (Kinesiology)

Seth Higgins (Kinesiology)
Title: The Influence of Incline Walking and Stair Ascending on Lower Extremity Mechanics in Older Adults
Mentor: Henry Wang (Kinesiology)

Christopher Indovina (Biology), Sarah Engle (Biology), Ashleigh South (Biology), and Jacob Davis (Biology)
Title: Determining Genes Required for Degradation of Translocon-Clogging Proteins       
Mentor: Eric Rubenstein (Biology)

Samuel Lawson (Psychology), Sarah Birkhead (Psychology), and Alexis Hamilton (Psychology)
Title: Using Twitter to Examine Male Aggression in Culture of Honor States
Mentor: Thomas Holtgraves (Psychology)

Daniel Smith (Chemistry)
Title: The Role of Glycogen in Hypoglycemia-induced Memory Loss
Mentor: Bartholomew Pederson (Medical Education)

Jeremy Walls (Biology)
Title: Exploring Environmental Controls on Toxic Algal Blooms to Promote Problem Solving and Quantitative Reasoning Skills in STEM Courses
Mentor: Allison Rober (Biology)

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