November 19, 2015

Congratulations to the AY 2015/2016 Start-Up Program Awardees!

Tenure-track faculty in their first year of employment with Ball State University who have not received significant research‐related or creative endeavor start-up funds from their department or college are eligible for the Start-Up Program, offered under SPA's Aspire Internal Grants for Faculty.

The aim of this program is to help new faculty members purchase supplies, research-related items, and travel to conferences or workshops with a one-time $3,000 supplies, expenses, equipment, and travel (SEET) grant.

The Ball State University Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) congratulates the

AY 2015 / 2016 Start-Up Program awardees:

James Keretes - CAP - “Deviating from Convention: Finding Opportunities in Errors” 
Caroline Hand - CFA - “Female Composer Performance and Research” Faculty Profile
John West - CAP - “The Rule of Choice: How Economic Theory Became Practical Policy” Faculty Profile
Nathan Bogert - CFA - “Saxophone Student Start-Up (A new Student Guide to Professional Saxophone Equipment)” Faculty Profile
Emily Rutter - CSH - “Invisible Ball of Dreams: Literary Representations of African American Baseball Experiences” Faculty Profile
Simon Balto    - CSH - “Occupied Territory: Policing Black Chicago from Red Summer to Black Power” Faculty Profile
Laura Bassette - TC - “The Use of Technology to Teach Adolescents with Autism Physical Activity  in Community Settings” Faculty Profile
Sean Hildebrand - CSH - “Controlling Disasters: Local Emergency Management Perceptions About Federal Emergency Management and Homeland Security Actions Since September 11, 2001” Faculty Profile
Jerry Woodward - CSH - “The construction of algebraic reasoning in and through multiplicative concepts” Faculty Profile
Deborah Davis - CCIM - “Student Success & Faculty Advising, Innovative Pedagogy & Student Success in Active Learning Environments, Use of Mobile Technology in the Public Relations Sector”
Faculty Profile
Katy Didden - CSH - “The Lava on Iceland” Faculty Profile
Martin Smith-Rodden - CCIM - “Start Up funds for Laboratory for Media Psychology at BSU” Faculty Profile
Jill Bradley-Levine - TC - “Research Study of Teacher Leaders’ Influence on Teachers’ Perceptions of the Teacher Evaluation Process” Faculty Profile
Rachel Fredericks - CSH - “Moral Responsibility” Faculty Profile
Lisa Hawkins - TC - “Novice Teacher Enactment of Classroom Talk During Primary-Grade Writing Instruction: A Case Study” Faculty Profile
Alexandra List - TC - “Parsing Plagiarism: Examining Students' Writing Based on Multiple Texts” Faculty Profile
Leeann Lower - CAST - “Qualitative Investigation of the Collegiate Sport Club Model”
Nicole Martin - TC - “Teaching Informational Reading and Writing in Kindergarten” Faculty Profile
Elizabeth Wanless - CAST - “Step Up for Health: Boys and Girls Club” Faculty Profile

For questions regarding the Aspire Program, please contact the Aspire Program Manager, or email

To apply for this grant, faculty members (tenure‐track only) in their first year must submit:
Documents (right click and "Save As..." to download)  
Faculty members receiving start-up funds greater than $5,000 and/or dedicated summer stipend from the department for research or creative endeavors are not eligible for this program.

For additional information, please consult the: Aspire New Faculty Start-Up Program Competition Guide (PDF)
Please see the Aspire Calendar to view the deadlines for this competition.

** This fill-able PDF form must be downloaded locally to view and complete.

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