November 30, 2015

Ball State Research, Fall 2015

Ball State Research, Fall 2015

You can read Ball State Research on Issuu here and on the Ball State SPA website.

In this year’s issue of Ball State Research, follow the journey of our Outstanding Researcher of the Year as she works toward a new drug to help fight bacterial infections.

Discover how this year’s Outstanding Creative Endeavor Awardees brought Frankenstein’s monster to life in an original, movement-based production.

Learn how drones can be used to assess natural disaster situations and to help provide aid faster.

Explore health inequality from an economics perspective and learn how an objective measurement of health inequality may permanently change the game.

Find out how a National Science Foundation center explores ways to improve software and security systems for companies and government agencies.

See how interior design can affect the behavior of students with autism.

Realize how fitness technology can be improved to measure every “bit” of activity.

Observe how news source bias can influence one’s perception of reality and cause the adoption of misinformation.

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