December 26, 2012

Success in grantseeking is not just about the proposal

Although well-prepared and well-written proposals are critical to the success of individual grant requests, for long-term positive achievement, you need to build a strong support team for those requests within your organization. Nichole Albanese provides advice on how to do this in "Why Grant Writing is Not All About the Writing" (CharityChannel, November 15, 2012). Her suggestions:
  • Form a development committee to support grantseeking efforts, to develop realistic grantseeking goals and strategies, and to involve board members in developing and maintaining close relationships with funder decision-makers. This committee should include the executive director and members of the board of directors. 
  • Involve program staff in proposal development. Have them keep the proposal writer up to date on program changes. Work with them to make sure data used in proposals is correct and that documentation of program effectiveness is ongoing. 
  • Make sure everyone in the organization, including volunteers, is collecting stories from the individual clients you serve. You can use these in proposals and reports. 
  • Make sure everyone involved in expending grant funds follows the conditions laid out in the grant letter.

Source: {Centered} December 2012 - Volume 5, Issue 12
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