September 13, 2017

Fast-approaching Deadline for Peace Research Projects

Ball State professors with research interests in achieving peace in the world don’t have much time to put together a fund-worthy project. Cohen Peace Fellowship committee members who are also Ball State faculty kicked off the 2017-2018 Colloquia season with their information session about the fellowship on Thursday, September 7th at Bracken Library. 

Benjamin Cohen, a Muncie, Indiana native, was an architect in President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal legislation as well as the United Nations. The fund is a lasting memorial to Cohen by fostering new ideas to peacemaking problems.

Research projects will be considered in one of two areas – basic research and applied research. Basic research involves expanding knowledge about issues affecting world peace employing statistical, analytical, or qualitative tools. Applied research is designed to solve practical problems associated with world peace that will improve the human condition.

Successfully funded projects lay out a blueprint of tasks on how to accomplish research goals and a realistic timeline. That’s according to Dr. Lawrence Gerstein, the George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Director of Ball States Center for Peace and Conflict. Both Gerstein and Dr. Jacquelyn Buckrop, Assistant to the Provost, emphasized the importance of defining peace within the research application and the ability to be salient and succinct about the project in the limited application space.

“Proposals fall short due to lack of definitions and linkage to research. Poorly written applications with typos, grammar mistakes, lack of proof reading will be sent to the bottom of the pile,” said Buckrop.

Committee reviewers are from multiple disciplines. Gerstein and Buckrop stressed the need to translate projects for committee members. They suggested asking someone outside your discipline proof proposals. 

“We’re looking for a cogent argument that you understand the fund’s mission,” said Gerstein.
Other advice included:

Dr. Lawrence Gerstein and Dr. Jacquelyn Buckrop
spoke to faculty and students at Bracken Library.
They stressed proposals should contribute
towards the goal of peace.
§  Well-written

§  Follow guidelines

§  Include definition of peace

§  Connect peace to your research

§  Look at the projects impact

§  Decide if it’s worthwhile


The Cohen Fellowship is considered external funding. Faculty will have to meet with their college’s proposal managers within Sponsored Projects Administration by October 2nd in order to be considered for the fellowship. Final proposals are due by October 31st, 2017 at 5:00 P.M. Graduate students are eligible but must have a faculty sponsor and are also required to meet with SPA proposal managers in order to be eligible.

Gerstein said he is open to receiving ideas before the October 2nd deadline but will not help researchers flesh out ideas.

World peace isn’t expected overnight from proposed research projects but there is an expectation that the research will have an impact. An award of up to $50,000 is available to support a one-year or a multiple year project. Funding starts July 1st, 2018.

Be sure to take a look at SPA’s Colloquia Series which continues through the Spring here.

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