February 24, 2017

Sponsored Projects Administration is hiring an Outreach and Education graduate assistant for the 2017-18 academic year.

Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) announces a full-time (20 hrs/week) graduate assistantship
available for the 2017-18 Academic Year with potential to begin Summer Semester 2017 and continue in Summer Semester 2018.
Position Title: Outreach and Education Assistant
Position Reportage: The graduate assistant reports to the Director of Sponsored Projects
Administration and designee, Outreach and Education Coordinator.

Position Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • update information on the SPA website and work with office staff and Strategic Communications to create new content as needed;
  • assist with office desktop publishing needs (writing/graphics/layout);
  • assist with updating and monitoring office social media outlets and the office blog;
  • attend University-related events associated with the office (may include evenings and weekends as needed);
  • act as SPA photographer and recorder/scribe at University and office functions;
  • assist the Publications Assistant with their duties: including writing content for the office Research Magazine, office blog, and other office publications;
  • assist with office video/audio production as needed;
  • assist with SPA events, including the Student Symposium, Research Week, and Benefacta;
  • assist with SPA data and information management, including support for SPA wiki;
  • perform front of office duties: including, but not limited to, answering the phones, greeting guests, and other front of office activities as needed;
  • assist Research Information Coordinator with her duties;
  • other duties as assigned.
Qualifications: Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) is looking for a tech-savvy content producer to assist in the Outreach and Education area of the office. Candidate will produce and update SPA web-site content through the Sitecore content management system (training will be provided). Candidates will assist in some desktop publishing (writing/graphics/layout) and experience in these areas is preferred.

-Candidate should possess superior communication skills, both verbal and written. Candidate should be familiar with common principles of blogging and social media. SPA uses Blogger to maintain the office blog, but experience with any blogging platform is acceptable. SPA is currently active on Facebook and Twitter, but will be expanding into other social media platforms. Video production and/or photography experience preferred.
-Candidates will be expected to interact with members of the campus community in an official capacity; they should therefore exhibit a level of maturity and professionalism that will allow them to best represent themselves and the Sponsored Projects Administration in these interactions.
-Candidates must be able to work independently and problem solve, but also follow instructions as given. High levels of organization and time management are required.

Schedule: This position is a full-time assistantship (20 hours/week). May be required to
work evenings and weekends as needed, but regularly scheduled hours will occur
during normal business hours.

Application: To apply, please submit, via email, the following materials in PDF or Word format:
 Cover letter, including a brief description of how this position fits into your
career goals.
 Résumé/CV, including contact info (email address & telephone number)
 Three references, including names, titles, and telephone/email addresses
Please send via email to Ms. Jessie Roark in Sponsored Projects Administration

Application Deadline: March 13, 2017 by 11:59pm.
Ball State University operates on an equal opportunity basis in hiring practices.

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