January 19, 2017

SPA Colloquia: Faculty/Student Collaborations: Involving Students in your Research, Service, and Engagement

Ball State has a long history of faculty members collaborating with students on their projects. Ball State’s Office of Entrepreneurial Learning (OEL) helps facilitate these opportunities, and there are many examples to be found of BSU faculty members who have met with much success in involving students in their work.

On Wednesday, January 25 at 12:00 in the Art & Journalism Building (Atrium Dining Room), come and hear Kelli Huth and Suzanne Plesha from OEL describe the ways in which Ball State can help facilitate faculty/student collaborations. In addition, Sue McDowell (Department of Biology) and Adam Kuban (Department of Journalism) will be on hand to discuss how working with students outside of the classroom has enhanced their overall faculty experience.

We look forward to seeing you on January 25th. For additional information, please contact Stanley Geidel (sgeidel@bsu.edu or 285-2022). Please RSVP

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