September 07, 2016

Sponsored Projects Administration September Events

Sponsored Projects Administration has been hard at work developing a full academic calendar of workshops, colloquia, and special events for the Ball State community. SPA is kicking off September with Cayuse SP training sessions, Focus on the Search workshops, and our brand new SPA Colloquia Series!

Colloquia Series: SPA is excited to announce a brand new SPA Colloquia Series starting in September that will provide faculty with learning opportunities related to the external funding enterprise on campus.

September 16: Faculty Success Stories: Pathways to Funding Success (Session 1): Paul Gestwicki (Computer Science), Stephanie Simon-Dack (Psychological Science), and Janay Sander (Educational Psychology) discuss how they achieved funding success to support their projects.

September 21: Faculty Success Stories: Pathways to Funding Success (Session 2): Pam Harwood (Architecture) and Sue McDowell (Biology) discuss how they achieved funding success to support their projects.

Campus liaison Stan Geidel will be moderating the forum in a Q&A format on topics of interest pertaining to sponsored projects. Those who attend are encouraged to ask questions/participate in the discussion.

All are welcome; professional staff and faculty members are especially encouraged to attend.

Registration for this one-hour session is requested, but it is not required.

Please RSVP:

Focus on the Search: These intensive one-hour workshops are designed to equip faculty members to become sophisticated users of COS Pivot, Ball State’s primary funding opportunities database.

At the end of this session participants will:

• Understand why it is important to make searching a regular part of your grantsmanship routine
• Learn about the resources SPO has to offer
• Learn how to use the COS Pivot database
• Conduct a search of your own

Please RSVP for one that fits your schedule (Spaces are limited):

Cayuse SP Learning Session: New for 2016-17, CayuseSP provides a platform for electronic creation, tracking, and management of proposals and awards along with other aspects of external funding operations to improve collaboration among administrators and faculty teams, and provide transparency from pre-award through post-award.

In these sessions, users will learn to:

• Navigate SP Dashboards
• Understand proposal, award, and project records
• Pull reports of real-time data
• Review and certify proposals

If you have any questions about Cayuse SP Learning Sessions, please contact Augusta Wray.
Please RSVP for one that fits your schedule:

For more information: Stan Geidel ( - 285-2022) or Jessie Roark ( - 285-5003) 

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