February 04, 2016

Congratulations to all Aspire Internal Grant Student Research and Creative Arts AY 2015/2016 Awardees

The Aspire Student Research Program hopes to support students in the process of study or discovery that will produce new insights, theories, or will apply such knowledge to problem-solving within the discipline or in society.
The Aspire Creative Arts Program wishes to support students in their creation or presentation of creative works.  Eligible projects are usually found in the categories of music, theater, dance visual arts, and creative writing.  Please see our guidelines for a more detailed list of examples. 
For this competition the maximum amount of money awarded is $500 for graduate students, $300 for all others, which can be used to cover SEET related costs.  We ask students to have a faculty mentor and to work closely with them while preparing for this competition.  Students are also expected to complete a final report form upon the completion of the project.
Congratulations to AY 2014/15 awardees:


Graduate Students
  • Hannah Killion  - Family and Consumer Sciences - "The Effect of Vermicomposting Knowledge and Visual Cues on Fruit Consumption in the Middle School Lunch Room"
  • Brittany Cymes  - Geological Sciences - “Phase Diversity and Chlorine-Sulfur Sequestration in Nickel Phyllosilicates from New Caledonia: An Investigation using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)”
  • Emily Butcher  -  Anthropology - “Brushes, Blood, and Fangs: Social and Cultural Perspectives on Vampire Makeup”
  • Yuri Choi  -  Counseling Psychology and Guidance -“Study of Vocational Interests”
  • Tyler Williams  - Chemistry - “Adsorption of Duloxetine Using MIL-100-Fe Metal-Organic Framework and Detection by Quartz Crystal Microbalance”
  • Jeremy Walls  - Biology - “Effects of temperature on toxin release by cyanobacteria in a eutrophic lake”
  • Adam Ares  - Biology  -  “Evaluating the influence of plant species diversity on the bacterial degradation of dissolved organic matter in wetlands” 
  • Seth Higgins  - Biomechanics  - “Influence of Incline Walking on Frontal Plane Mechanics in Older Adults” 
  • James Van Hoven  - Counseling Psychology and Guidance - “Study of the Relationship between Partner Mutuality, Attachment and Vigilance for Symptoms of Chronic Pain” 
  • Jordan Davis  - Kinesiology  - “Relationship of Arterial Stiffness, Cardiovascular Disease Risk, and Select Markers of Physical Fitness” 
  • Kayla Mughmaw  - Biology  - “Assessment of DPH Effects on Sperm-Egg Zona Pellucida Binding and Protein Expression of Proacrosin and Beta-1,4-Galactosyltransferase in Mouse” 
  • Megan Hubbard  - Biology  - “Male Infertility Due to Dilantin: Examining Potential Decrease in Sperm Motility and CatSper Calcium Channel Abundance in Mouse Sperm Cells” 
  • Sarah Hovey  - Biomechanics  - "The Effect of Landing Type on Kinematics, Kinetics, And Muscle Activity During Landing” 
  • Cameron Behringer  - Biology - “Age related changes in nuclear, mitochondrial, and cytosolic malondialdehyde (MDA) levels in the rat kidney.” 
  • Stephen Davis  - Biology - “Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Product Degradation in two Indiana Wetlands” 
Undergraduate Students
  • Megan Schott  - Psychological Science - "The Effect of Trauma Type on Posttraumatic Growth"
  • Alyssa Jackson  - Psychological Science - "Self-Harming Behaviors in American Adults" 
  • Daniel C. Smith  - Medical Education - "Investigation of the role of Glycogen in the Prevention of Hypoglycemic Associative Memory Loss" 
  • Misael Lopez  - Biology - "The influence of a nicotine metabolite on Escherichia coli growth" 
  • Scott E Zello  - Biology - "Multi-stressor effects of PPCPs on Daphnia magna mortality, reproductive activity, and growth" 
  • David Huston  - Biology - "Classical Genetic Analysis of Yeast Growth Rates in Response to Anisomycin"
Graduate Students
  •  George Karst  - Music - “M├ęditation sur l'Eucharistie”
Undergraduate Students
  • Lauren Sherwood  - Fine Arts  - "To Be Human"

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