April 17, 2015

2015 Junior Faculty Aspire Program Awardees Announced!

The Sponsored Projects Administration is pleased to announce the 2015 Junior Faculty Aspire program awardees. With competitions in research and creative arts the Aspire Junior Faculty Program is available to faculty members in their first five years of a tenure-track appointment. The purpose of this program is to provide seed funding for research and projects that will lead to further support from external sponsors and funding agencies. This year thirteen proposals were funded through the program: two in creative arts and eleven in research.

Aspire Creative Arts Competition Awardees 

Jeanette Castillo

Jennifer Halvorson
School of Art 
"Press Glass Integration" 

Aspire Research Competition Awardees 

Robin Blom
"Believing factual (mis)information: Cognitive perceptions of news source trust and expectancy" 

Chrysostomos Giannoulakis
School of Physical Educations, Sports and Exercise Science 
"Social impacts of an action sports-for-development project on Native Americans" 

Qiannong Gu
Information Systems and Operations Management 
"A strategic analysis of information sharing in global supply chain management"

Angela Hampton
Elementary Education 
"Accessing Science Through Literacy Instruction: Who has access and to what?" 

Shireen Kanakri
Family and Consumer Science 
"Acoustics and Autism: The Effects of Acoustics Environmental Design on the Behavior of Children with Autism" 

Kristine Kotecki
"From the Ashes of the Archive: Cultural Memory and the Politics of Access in Ex-Yugoslav Collections" 

Youngah Lee
"University Reputation Management Research" 

Tamara Montag-Smit
"Reducing the gender pay gap: Examining the role of pay secrecy" 

Alexander Montoye
School of Physical Educations, Sports and Exercise Science 
"Prediction of free-living energy expenditure using accelerometers and machine learning" 

Robert Phillips
"Gay Jews, Social Media, and the Production of Embodied Orthodoxy" 

Ayesha Sadaf
Educational Studies 
"Teachers’ Beliefs, Intentions, and Actual Integration of Digital Literacies into their Classrooms"

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