January 09, 2015

Cohen Peace Fellow Grants Proposal Deadline Extended (consult w/ SPO by 2/1/15, submit to SPO by 5PM 2/15/15)

We have extended the opportunity to submit proposals for the Benjamin V. Cohen Peace Fellowship. Ball State faculty members AND graduate students are eligible to apply.

The Fellowship provides support to conduct basic or applied research on topics related to peace. Note that projects that focus on aspects of structural violence, direct violence, and/or social justice are permissible. Also note if you are planning to conduct a project, for example, on any of the topics listed below, you must clearly and concretely connect this focus with the mission of the Cohen Fund. That is, how will your project expand knowledge and/or solve practical problems associated with issues affecting world peace to improve the human condition?

1. Poverty
2. Discrimination
3. Suicide prevention
4. Domestic violence and/or abuse
5. Bullying
6. Human Rights
7. Homelessness
8. Racism
9. Sexism
10. Unfair labor practices
11. At risk individuals
12. Sexual harassment
13. Community development/empowerment
14. Race relations
15. Ethnic/international relations
16. Relations between religious groups
17. Cultural understanding
18. Economic inequity or equality
19. Health disparities
20. Criminality
21. Crowding or overpopulation
22. Environmental issues
23. Ecosystems
24. Land use
25. Hydrology
26. Intensive farming
27. Climate change
28. Environmental health
29. Environmental degradation
30. Pollution
31. Resource depletion
32. Toxicants
33. Waste

Projects that involve peace building, peace making, or peace keeping are consistent with the mission of the Cohen Fund.

For faculty members, funds may be used for salary, supplies, expenses, and/or travel. Preference will be given to tenure track faculty members at Ball State University.

For graduate students, funds may be used for an assistantship stipend, supplies, expenses, and/or travel and may also include tuition remission during the academic time period of the fellowship.

By February 1, 2015, applicants must consult with the staff of the Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) to receive assistance in the development of their proposals. Failure to do this will render an application ineligible for further consideration.

Completed applications and all required materials are due to the Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) by 5:00 PM on February 15, 2015. SPO will route the completed applications to the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies. The Cohen Proposal Evaluation Committee will then review the proposals.

For more information on how to apply for the fellowship, visit:


or contact the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, 285-1622, lgerstein@bsu.edu.

peace, Larry Gerstein, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Peace and Conflict Studies

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