October 23, 2014

Research Week 2014

 --Monday, Nov. 17 - Friday, Nov. 21 2014--

"Research Week 2014” is a week-long professional development opportunity for faculty and professional staff seeking to learn more about sponsored programs. Through a number of one-hour sessions throughout the week, participants will develop new skills, gain valuable knowledge about grantseeking, learn about potential sponsors, and professionalize their approach to the proposal development process.
Schedule as of December 3, 2014.
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Monday, November 17


Working with Foundations & Indiana’s Funding Profile

Arts & Journalism Building Room 150
Marissa Manlove, President/CEO, Indiana Philanthropy Alliance
Marissa Manlove, President/CEO of Indiana Philanthropy Alliance, will present an overview of the foundation sector and highlight what sets them apart from other funding sources, including ways they support projects beyond financial awards. Filled with foundation profiles and giving statistics, Ms. Manlove will address trends in giving, the role of foundations in stimulating change, and the way understanding a foundation’s mission is crucial when seeking project support.
 The Indiana Philanthropy Alliance (IPA) is a nonprofit association of independent, family, community, public and corporate foundations, corporate giving programs, and other grantmaking organizations throughout Indiana. IPA’s mission is to champion, support and connect its members as they transform Indiana through effective philanthropy.

Focus on the Search

Jessie Roark, Research Information Coordinator
Focus on the Search is a one-hour intensive session on searching for funding opportunities. At the end of this session participants will: (1) Understand why it is important to make searching a regular part of your routine; (2) Learn about the resources SPO has to offer; (3) Learn how to use the COS Pivot database; (4) Conduct a search of your own.
*Session Full* Next available session December 9
4PM session now available!

Tuesday, November 18


Not Funded – Now What?

Schwartz Complex, Bracken Library, 1st Floor
Justin Miller, Director
You just received notice that your grant proposal was not funded. Now what do you do? Learn how to use the reviewers’ comments to your advantage when revising your proposal. In addition, learn how to become a grant reviewer yourself.

SUBMIT Funds & Incentive Programs

Schwartz Complex, Bracken Library, 1st Floor
Keith Chandler, Proposal Manager; Linda Swartz, Secretary
SPO receives regular inquiries into its incentive programs, especially the SUBMIT program and Research Incentive Accounts (RIAs). This session aims to answer some of those questions. Learn more about how the SUBMIT program works, the purpose of the RIAs, and how to utilize these incentive funds to enhance your research or creative agenda. Appropriate for both faculty and administrative support personnel.

Cayuse424 Review Session

Schwartz Complex, Bracken Library, 1st Floor
Augusta Wray, Proposal Manager
Join staff from SPO in learning about Cayuse424, BSU's proposal development, approval, and submission system. Designed for faculty, administrators, and their proxies, participants will learn how to navigate the Cayuse website, and how to review, and then approve, proposals.

Professionalizing your Approach to Seeking External Funding

Schwartz Complex, Bracken Library, 1st Floor
Stanley Geidel, Program Manager
​Stanley Geidel, SPO Program Manager will discuss how to professionalize your approach to seeking external funding. Perhaps you have previously written and submitted a grant or have met with some preliminary success and received external funding for a smaller project. What’s next? This one-hour session invites you to embrace a fully professional approach to the quest for external funding.

Wednesday, November 19  


Proposal Construction: Developing a Fundable Idea

Educational Resources Room 1, Bracken Library, Basement
Jackie Davis & Sarah Lee, Proposal Managers  
Sponsors support their funding priorities, not yours. So how do you turn your project into one that will be funded? The key is in your response to their request. This program will provide an overview of general proposal development. Using the ASPiRE Junior Faculty Award as a model, this session will deconstruct program guidelines and expose the components necessary for successful development of a fundable idea. The session will conclude with tips on how to package your proposal into one that meets the sponsor’s needs and priorities. This session is open to all beginning grantwriters.
2014 Proposal Construction Presentation (.pptx)
4:00 – 6:00PM

BeneFacta Day

Alumni Center, Assembly Hall

Thursday, November 20  


Fulbright Scholar Information Session

Schwartz Complex, Bracken Library, 1st Floor
Justin Miller, Director
Dr. Justin Miller, Director of Sponsored Programs will introduce faculty to Fulbright Scholar Program offerings for teaching & research awards in over 125 countries. The core Fulbright Scholar Program sends 800 U.S. faculty and professionals abroad each year. Grantees lecture and conduct research in a wide variety of academic and professional fields.

Intellectual Property / Technology Transfer Processes & Policy

Schwartz Complex, Bracken Library, 1st Floor
Stephanie Sisco, Proposal Manager
Navigating the intellectual property process can be confusing for faculty and administrators alike. During this session, attendees will learn more about the intellectual property and technology transfer process and related policies at Ball State. Learning outcomes include a better understanding of the IP process for faculty, the BSU IP policy, and an introduction to the Ball State Innovation Corporation (BSIC).
5:00 – 6:30PM

Speed Networking Event *EVENT CANCELLED*

Music Lounge, L.A. Pittenger Student Center, 2nd Floor
Course Session Details and Registration

Friday, November 21  


Budget Development Workshop

Bracken Library Educational Resources Room 2
Jackie Davis, Proposal Manager  
Developing a project budget and appropriate funding request can make or break your proposal. You know what you want to do and how you want to do it. You have measureable goals, a strong evaluation plan and the best collaborators. You have found a sponsor whose funding priorities are in line with your project. What’s left? THE BUDGET. How much do you ask for? What costs can or should you ask for? How much will your project cost? Welcome to Budget Basics! This session will provide an approach to budget development that can be applied to any type of project or proposal. You will also leave with a basic understanding of the terms “Allowable, Allocable, Reasonable, Costshare and the Prudent Person Test.” This session is open to all grantseekers, regardless of grantwriting experience.
2014 Budget Development Presentation (.pptx)


Managing a Funded Grant

Schwartz Complex, Bracken Library, 1st Floor
Sheila Shafer
Once a grant proposal has been funded by the sponsor, it is important to understand what happens next. This session will discuss the management of funded grants, starting with award acceptance and moving through to grant closure, and will include the following topics: administration of the award, authorized signatories, the role of the Grant Specialist, and more. If you are curious about the next step in the awards management process, this session is for you.

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