October 30, 2013

Ball State University Instructor Photographs Indiana's Historic Courthouses

With the aid of Chris Flook, a Ball State University telecommunications instructor, photographs of Indiana's 92 historic county courthouses are now showcased online for Indiana's Courthouse Squares website. Historically, county courthouses served as iconic fixtures for a community's identity and recently several Indiana communities have taken significant strides to revitalize both the courthouses and their surrounding squares.   

As the website's project photographer, Flook spent many summer days traveling throughout Indiana to photograph the iconic fixtures. As quoted in an article from ABA Journal, Flook states, "I like the idyllic idea of town squares but its relatively rare to have the courthouse at the center of town squares in the United States. Only a few regions and states have this." The gathered historical information will be used in preparation for Indiana's 2016 Bicentennial Celebration

Please visit Indiana's Courthouse Squares website to view Chris Flook's photos and historical courthouse information. 

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