September 20, 2013

Ball State University Supports Indiana Courthouse Squares Project

Indiana's Courthouse Squares showcases all 92 county courthouses and their adjoining squares by way of high-resolution photography. County courthouses serve as iconic fixtures for a community's identity that: symbolically asserts the rule of law at the center of American society; exhibits a unique architecture that captures the era in which the structure was built; serves as the iconic edifice for many of the county seats; and provides centralized places for economic and social activities. In recent decades, several communities in Indiana have taken significant efforts to revitalize their courthouses, which has assisted in the rejuvenation of their surrounding squares.

With the aid of project photographer Chris Flook, Indiana's Courthouse Squares promotes the historical Indiana Courthouse with high-resolution photography as well as develop further in preparation for Indiana's 2016 Bicentennial Celebration. This project was generously supported by Ball State University's Sponsored Programs Office in the summer of 2013. Additional support was provided by Ball State University's: Department of Telecommunications; College of Communication, Information, and Media; and Building Better Communities. All photographs, maps, and other materials are copyrighted by Ball State University.

- Kris Scott: BSU Department of Telecommunications
- Chris Raleigh: Logo Designer and Developer
- Kelli Huth: BSU Building Better Communities Fellows Program
- Sarah Lee, Augusta Wray, & Maggie Cude: BSU Sponsored Programs Office
- Jarred Scott
- Allison Rice: BSU Department of Telecommunications
- Joseph Vella: Bayonet Media
- Andrew Bissonnette
- Joshua Carroll: BSU Teleplex
- Lori Byers: BSU College of Communication, Information, and Media

To find out more information or visit Indiana's Courthouse Squares website, click here

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