April 01, 2013

From NCIIA: Course and Program Grants (Deadline May 10th!)

Course and Program grants strengthen existing curricular programs or build new courses and programs in invention, innovation, and technology entrepreneurship.

Upcoming submission deadline: May 10, 2013

Program overview
Course and Program grants are awarded to NCIIA member institutions for the purpose of strengthening existing curricular programs or building new programs in invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Successful Course and Program grant proposals present creative pedagogical approaches that generate and deploy E-Teams*, bringing real-life applications into the classroom setting and beyond.
*What's an E-Team?NCIIA defines an E-Team  as a multidisciplinary group of students, faculty, and industry mentors working together to bring a technology-based invention (product or service) to market. The "E" stands for entrepreneurship.

Is a Course and Program grant for you?
NCIIA encourages proposals that involve students and advisors from engineering, science, business, design, and liberal arts disciplines, as well as groups traditionally underrepresented in invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship, including women and minorities. Eligible applications will be evaluated against the following 5 elements:
  1. Focus on technology invention and innovation that leads to the formation and support of student E-Teams.
  2. Connections to existing people and/or resources on campus and beyond to support resulting E-Teams after their participation in the proposed course/program.
  3. Institutional commitment to support and sustain the course/program and a plan to sustain the course/program beyond NCIIA funding.
  4. Focus on entrepreneurship and demonstration that students can play a meaningful role in technology development and any resulting venture creation.
  5. Focus on the development of technologies with positive social and/or environmental impact.
Note: If you are proposing a course and/or program which focuses on the development and deployment of technology-based inventions and innovations for the benefit of people living in poverty in the US and/or abroad, we encourage you to submit a Sustainable Vision proposal instead of a Course and Program proposal. Learn more about the Sustainable Vision grants program here. Applicants may not submit both a Course and Program proposal and a Sustainable Vision proposal for the same idea during the same grant cycle.

Program guidelines
Read the guidelines before you apply!
The answers to most of your questions are in the program guidelines---program details and deadlines; how to apply; examples of eligible technologies; selection criteria; information about how to apply, and more.

How to apply

Click here to apply. Detailed instructions and information about the application process can be found in the program guidelines.
You may preview a PDF of the online application here. 
PLEASE NOTE: this PDF includes screen shots of NCIIA's five-step proposal process. The proposal content shown may vary slightly from the Sustainable Vision grant proposal, but steps for the application are the same. This PDF is for preview purposes only.
Have an idea but not sure whether it's a fit with the E-Team Program? Send a 1-2 paragraph summary to grants@nciia.org and we'd be happy to review it and provide you with feedback. Please note that due to high volume, we are unable to guarantee replies to last-minute inquiries made less than two weeks prior to the proposal deadline.

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