November 30, 2012

From {Centered}: How to demonstrate sustainability in grant proposals

When considering whether or not to make a grant, both foundation and government decision-makers want to know what will happen with the program they are being asked to support after the grant funds have been expended. In other words, is the work sustainable? The article "Applicants Should Write with Sustainability in Mind" (Local/State Funding Report, October 15, 2012) suggests ways you can demonstrate sustainability in your proposal.

Before writing the proposal, have a thorough discussion within your organization about the capacity of the existing infrastructure to operate the project. Get assurances that there will be support for the project from within the group. If partner organizations are to be involved in the project, determine whether or not these organizations have made plans or commitments to continue working with you after the grant expires. Find out whether the physical resources needed for the project will remain available after the grant has been expended. Will the deliverables of the project, such as training programs created, remain available and useful to the target populations past the grant period?

Once these questions have been answered, you can include in the proposal language about:
  • ongoing relationships with partners;
  • networks that will be created and maintained with businesses and community groups;
  • project infrastructure that will be retained for future use in the organization,including staff learning from the project;
  • the ability of project participants to make future use of what they have gained from the project.

Source: {Centered} November 2012 - Volume 5, Issue 11
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