August 01, 2011

FY 2010 Report on the NSF Merit Review Process

This FY 2010 Report on the NSF Merit Review Process responds to a National Science Board (NSB) policy endorsed in 1977 and amended in 1984, requesting that the NSF Director submit an annual report on the NSF merit review process. Longitudinal data are given to provide a long-term perspective. In most cases, the data provided are for only eight years due to space constraints; however, additional historical data are available through the electronic version of the report that is posted on the NSB website (

The Foundation continues to exceed its "time to decision" goal of informing at least 70 percent of Principal Investigators (PIs) of funding decisions within six months of receipt of the proposal. The National Science Board conducted a review of the NSF merit review process and concluded that the NSF merit review process is fair and effective. It "remains an international 'gold standard' for review of science and engineering research proposals."

Click here to read the full 2010 report.

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