October 14, 2010

NIH: Act Now to Retain Your eRA Commons Citations

As of October 22, 2010, “PD/PI Entered” citations will no longer be available in eRA Commons. If you an eRA Commons user who has used the Publications page of your Personal Profile to store your professional citation information, you must transfer this information to a My NCBI account in order to retain it (i.e., for use in future progress reports).

The easiest way to transfer the information, and to reduce the amount of cutting and pasting from eRA Commons to My Bibliography, is to use My Bibliography’s “Add Citations in PubMed” option to search for your citations that are in PubMed, using search options such as author or title. My Bibliography will query PubMed and present a list of citations that you may save to your My Bibliography section. For citations that you have entered into Commons that are not a part of PubMed, you can copy and paste the citation information from Commons to My Bibliography.

Several demos released this summer provide users with step-by-step instructions for navigating the integration of eRA Commons and My NCBI.

For more information, see NOT-OD-10-103, “An Easier Way to Manage Citations,” and “My NCBI: Move It or Lose It!

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