September 07, 2010

New ENHANCE Program

The purpose of the ENHANCE - Preliminary Federal Proposal Incentive Program is to provide support for faculty members involved in early investigations, the results of which will serve as the basis for a federal grant proposal. This award provides modest support to fund supplies and related expenses needed to acquire preliminary research or other information that will directly impact the development of the proposal, enhance the feasibility of the request, and result in a strong proposal submission.

The funds will support Supplies, Equipment, Expenses, and Travel (S.E.E.T.) costs associated with garnering preliminary results up to $3,000.

Applications will be submitted to the Proposal Manager assigned to the applicant’s unit and will consist of the following:
  • Application Cover Sheet
  • One page budget justification for the requested expenses
  • One or two page narrative summarizing the project and including:
  • The targeted federal sponsor and a link to the program guidelines,
  • Justification of the need for pilot research,
  • Any reviewers' and/or program officer's comments validating the need for pilot research.
  • Deadline: 15th of each month
See the ENHANCE guidelines for more information. If you have further questions, contact your department's Proposal Manager.

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